Organizations Served


Alliance of Early Childhood Professionals
Provided strategic planning and capacity building capabilities for a unique
in the nation, private, non partisan, non profit group advocating expanded
support families with children ages 0-5. The five year goal is to prepare
every child for school (Ready 4 K) at age 6 through establishment of
necessary early care educational programs and services.

"...frames critical policies quickly, gets along well with all parties and
can effectively engage others, particularly in the business community..."
Margaret Boyer, Executive Director

The Arthritis Foundation

The Brainpower Compact

The Citizens Committee for Legislative Reform

Dayton Hudson Corporate Environmental Development

Honeywell Applications Systems Division

Honeywell Corporate Business Planning

Honeywell Corporate Employee Relations


Housing Minnesota/ Committee on Workforce Housing (2001-2003)

Jobs for Minnesota

Metro Cable Network/Channel 6

The Minnesota Business Partnership

Minnesotans for a Single House Legislature

Minnesota State Senate 

Ready 4K/Minnesota School Readiness Business Advisory Council (2002-2004)  

Suicide Awareness/ Voices of Education 

Tunheim Partners/ ACE Panel (2004)

Westmoreland, Larson & Hill



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