The Williston Group's Services

The Williston Group has a demonstrated ability to bring independent thinking
to clients interested in planning their work.
Through an efficient process of learning, focusing and formatting, The
Williston Group brings clarity to what needs to be done,  how to do it and
what constitutes success.

With extensive workplace experience in project management, The Williston
Group takes responsibilities, works within budget parameters and
gets things done,  combining creative and innovative approaches to
achieve successful results for clients.


The capacity to achieve results is directly linked to the availability of
human and financial resources necessary to accomplish the task.  The
Williston Group has successfully supported clients in search of board
leadership, key management and outside investors.

On-Site Turn Around

Getting things going is a challenge; turning around operations that are
missing the mark even more so. Organizations as diverse as a corporate joint
venture, a financially failing foundation and a start-up advocacy group have
successfully retained The Williston Group to provide day-to-day executive
leadership and management.


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